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Education through Self Improvement

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Self-Improvement by realizing and becoming into alignment of your emotions.

Educational Training through Self-Improvement
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  • Cycle of Emotions

    You must bring yourself into alignment or in harmony with the universal laws of attraction or balance your emotions to live a well rounded life which will bring nothing but goodness in to your life.
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  • Motivation

    we must change ourselves first and be happy with the change(s) and the environment around us to be able to help the people around us.
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  • Self Improvement

    Welcome to a journey of self-improvement through self motivation.
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Welcome to a journey of self-improvement through self motivation!

Cycle of Emotions

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By: David Dawn

The cycles of emotions are a tool of the law of attraction or karma. There is power in your words, thoughts and emotion which people really do not realize that all power comes from within. What you think and what you know you feel with your emotions through the vibrations of thought, that you are sending out will always and manifest a match. You must bring yourself into alignment or in harmony with the universal laws of attraction or balance your emotions to live a well rounded life which will bring nothing but goodness in to your life

The basic emotional feelings are only two, the good and the bad. The wide range of emotions which are in between moves you to either good or bad feelings which is called the emotional guidance system which helps you to identify good or bad. A person needs to monitor their feelings in order to determine what they are thinking which in turn helps you to understand what you are drawing to you that is based on the law of attraction. Remember what ever you think and feel does manifest. You need to take control of your emotions and generate positive thoughts.

There are a lot of different types of emotions and each one has different degrees. For each emotion there is an opposite. The positive ones can actually help in healing the body. The negative ones can actually help destroy the body. It is the different degrees of all the different types of emotions that make the individual.

Here is a list of the main emotions with the names of some of their different degrees.

Good which includes; love, jubilant, impressed, indescribable, hopeful, energetic, high, happy, grateful, giddy, giggly, full, flirty, excited, enthralled, ecstatic, crazy, creative, content, chipper, cheerful, calm, bouncy, awake, artistic, curious, accomplished, amused, busy, mellow , satisfied, pleased, peaceful, relaxed, optimistic, etc., etc., etc.

Bad which includes; being naughty, mischievous, morose, melancholy, jealousy, infuriated, irate, intimidated , moody, hungry, lonely, listless, lethargic, indifferent , guilty, grumpy, frustrated, envious, enraged, embarrassed, drained, distressed, disappointed, devious, dirty, discontent, depressed, crushed, crazy, crappy, cranky, bored, blank, blah, bitchy, apathetic, angry, anxious, aggravated, annoyed, cold etc., etc., etc.

Love has a lot of the emotions in one feeling. Love is a strong emotion which includes; eagerness, mischievous, jubilant, impressed, sadness, indescribable, hopeful, high, happy, giddy, giggly, flirty, ecstatic, crazy, content, chipper, foolishness, cheerful, bouncy, jealous, infuriated, disappointed, crushed, etc., etc., etc..

As the saying goes ďthere is a thin line between love and hateĒ and all the emotions in between which includes a broken heart. Puppy love is normally a teenagerís first love and it normally happens when a person is in their early teens. As a teenager in love with it being your first time or your fifth time you must realize it is puppy love and mot of the time it does not last past two years. It starts with attraction for one reason or another. Most of the time it is for the right reasons, like compatibility, good looks or smarts. Some of the wrong reasons for liking, loving or claiming to love someone are for money, popularity or your own selfish needs like sex.

Fools love is when you are in love with someone and everyone says negative things about them or you know that your other does not love you as much as you love them or not at all. After the attraction comes the need to be with each other endlessly. Love makes you blind to the truth. Love makes you not care about breaking the laws or rules that are set in place to keep us safe. That is why we have teenagers raising babies. Because the girl finds herself so deep in love that she doesnít care about the consequences. As a teenager in love whether your first time or your fifth time you must realize it is puppy love and most of the time it does not last past two years. Fools love is when you are in love with someone and everyone says negative things about them or you know that your love one does not love you as much as you love them or they do not love you at all.

When you find that special someone to marry it is best that you have several things in common. Such as likes, interests, wants and needs. They should be your best friend and vise- a Ėversa. To become best friends takes time. The odds are if you do not have a friendship for at least a half a year before you move in or marry it will not last. It may go on for years but most of the time it will come to an end. If you marry an opposite your marriage will be hard due to your having different interests, wants and needs.

Hate is 100% negative. It leads to worrying, sadness and includes being angry, having rage, angry, jealous, predatory, etc., etc., etc. This normally leads to a bad state of mind that goes on for a long time. Hate can create illness to the body. This feeling if directed to more than one person will send out bad vibrations throughout your day. In turn everyone you meet will send back to you bad vibrations which will make your day even worse. Your mind is not on work, driving or anything else which can lead to mistakes being made throughout your day due to your mind not being on what you are doing at the time.

Worrying which includes a lot of negative emotions that need to be thought about that is true. When you worry about something it is okay unless you worry for days on end. Then you start hurting your body. It can lead to gray hair, wrinkles, high blood pressure, stress, heart failure and good habits can turn to bad habits etc., etc., etc. So when it comes to worrying about anything, go ahead and think about what is troubling you. Then think about how to solve it. Then stop worrying about it, especially if there is a lot of time that has to go by before you can do any thing about it. For example, if you are worrying about a bill, figure out when you can make a payment and stop worrying about it until the payment is due.

Frustration is an emotion that calls for patience. Most of the time frustration is caused by pressure from another source. When you find yourself frustrated, stop what you are doing. Take a break or if you can walk away for several minutes and then go back with a calmer attitude. If you cannot take a little break then stop for a few seconds and relax yourself. If you are always frustrated your tension level will be high along with your blood pressure and stress level. These things can bring on migraine headaches and much more. The key to relieving frustration is relaxing your mind and body and under stand the problem so you will know why you feel the way you do. Most of the time it is caused by some one else and it is them who really have the problem, not you. When you do this you will find the feeling start to ease and if you relax to a deep degree then your frustration will go away.

Every human needs hope. The churches, employers, corporations and governments take away this hope by keeping the people in a state of fear. People look towards prayer, religion, friends and family for hope we need to be looking towards our leaders for reassurance that things will get better.

If it is not the end of the world, it is going to hell, losing your job or your life savings via a corporation. People need to love themselves a lot more and take more pride in their families, races and communities. The cycles of most nations last controlling the world for two hundred years. A lot of nations live on after that like England, France, Germany etc., etc., etc. But they are not number one on earth any more. The odds of this happening to the United States are great but as the others we will live on as they do now. The world will not end tomorrow. So go ahead and make plans for your self. Plans like doing what you really want to do or having a family which would be better then the one you were raised in. You may want to have a good job so you can retire and watch your grand children have fun in their young lives. In short all of you teenagers will live well into your adulthood unless you choose the fast life then you will live most of your adulthood in poverty or behind bars. As long as you can control your emotions there is hope that you will or can have a well rounded life.

People are greedy with a lot of different things like money, power, love, food etc., etc., etc. It is good to want and need things but when you donít think or care what your actions do to other people or yourself then at that point you become greedy. This is why our social system is a mess. Most of our leaders are greedy. Greed determines the standards of society. For example the whole nation is in a depression and our congress wants to give themselves a raise. A lot of our leaders will break the law or bend the rules for extra money while not caring who they hurt. The leaders of our banks, stock markets and corporations are in business for one reason, money. Your greed affects people you cannot see. The ripple effect of your actions can destroy or help everyone that you are involved with. They like to control the actions of others and the sad part is that they donít care about the feelings of the ones that they hurt, mislead, cheat or ruin. So you need to think about your emotional greed and control it.

Fear which includes being afraid, being in shock, having a phobia, being in terror, being timid, being a coward, lonely, intimated, worried, uncomfortable, vulnerable, distrust. The churches keep people in fear by saying that the people will go to hell or they will be punished in some kind of way if they do not follow the rules of the church. Employers keep people in fear with the threat of getting fired or having their hours cut to part time. Corporations keep people in fear by raising prices, interest rates or creating black Fridays so people lose their stock. Governments keep their people in fear because it is a great way to keep them under control. People do not think about the wrong doings of the government if they are worrying about the end of the world or how are they going to get the things that their family needs.

You could also be fearless which includes having confidence, high, crazy, impressed, courage, hopeful, optimistic, relaxed, etc., etc., etc.

Joy which includes happiness, satisfaction, contentment, glad, love, giddy, excited, crazy, etc., etc., etc.

Surprised which includes unexpected happenings, discovery, excited, ecstatic, amused, shocked, confusion etc., etc., etc.

Sadness which includes having a broken hart, sorrow , pity, grieving, which will lead to depression, morose, moody, blah, angry, lonely, etc., etc., etc.

Courage which is excited, hopeful, optimistic, relaxed, etc., etc., etc. You could also be fearless which includes having confidence, high, crazy, impressed, etc., etc., etc.

Shame which is feeling bad about your action or thoughts, disappointed, angry, depressed, dirty, sick, etc., etc., etc. You could also be shameless which is being proud of whatever you have done or thought of.

Jealousy which includes mental, pain, envy, wanting, unkindness, crazy, angry, discontent, etc., etc., etc.

Trust which includes acceptance, admiration, having the expectation of not being wronged, to anticipate that it will be done, content, mellow, happy, calm, etc., etc., etc. You could also have distrust, were something is wrong, disgust of being mislead, angry, jealous, etc., etc., etc.

Wonder which includes confusion, amusement, creative, happy, thoughtful, etc., etc., etc.

Pride which includes self assurance, being happy, satisfaction, pleased, etc., etc., etc.

Pain which includes sadness, melancholy, nauseated, numb, sick, sore, tired, inconsolable, etc., etc., etc.

Guilt which includes sadness, embarrassed, worried, stressed, etc., etc., etc.

There are many more emotions like modesty, detachment, closeness, being distance, pleasure, etc., etc., etc.

With age come wisdom and the ability to control your emotions or should I say that is the goal of being an adult. Even though there is a lot of adults who are not in control of their emotions and do not care to have the wisdom to make the right decisions because they are too lazy or too weak to go through the hardships in life in order to do what is right for themselves and those around them. The key to being a well rounded individual or adult is to have control of your thoughts and emotions and not caring any of them to a degree as to where it stops you from harmonizing with your self and the world around you.

The universe responds better to thought and emotions than to verbal requests. Donít say you want, say you need, desire, must have or you must demand it. It is up to you to put your self in the right place at the right time and represent your self in the right way through controlling your emotions in order to receive the answer to your desire, demands, goals and needs. Control of thought means control your thinking and emotions because it determines what you do. If you are doing and thinking right then you want to keep doing it by being steadfast. Stay on the course that feels good to you. Words evoke images and vibration which changes your frequency of thought and your action. control of thought, control of action, steadfastness, identify with higher ideals, evidence of a mission, evidence of a call to spiritual order, freedom from resentment, confidence in the power of the master, confidence in your own abilities. Do not let your friends or family stop you with their jealousy because they see the change in you moving on to achieve your goals and you are slowly leaving them behind. This is due to their close minded ideas and ways of thinking. We need to keep in mind this emotional guidance system.


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By: David Dawn

It is human to feel the need for motivation in everything we do. Mentally or physically we all need motivation. Mentally - people use prayer, mediation, talking to other people, reading, documentaries, etc. which are forms of motivation. Physically - people use gyms, DVDís, TV programs, weights, treadmills, etc. which also are forms of motivation.

Most of the people of the world do not even know what has happened in the distant past or what is happening outside of their own neighborhood. Most of the people of the world are stuck in their everyday lives. Going to work, paying bills, dealing with family problems, maintaining the home, fixing meals, etc., etc., etc. A lot of people do not want anything to change, mainly because of their fear of change. With that in mind, you must not think about all of the negative things happening around the world because you really cannot do much to change it. You must do your best to get away from all of the things that are negative. It is true you can not get away from all of them, but as you slowly get rid of them one by one you will start seeing a change in your life.

You must bring only positive things into your life to start improving yourself as an individual. By changing your surroundings and getting rid of as many negative things as you can, this will make it easier to start working on changing your bad habits and/or negative ways that are in your life. By doing this your family, friends and anyone you may meet throughout your day will be happier when they are around you. As people interact with you they will feel comfortable being with you and they will respond to you in a positive manner towards you. This will make your mental, physical and spiritual self better with each new day. The saying "what goes around comes around" is true because it is referring the emotional vibrations that a person sends out and other people receive. The word karma refers to the different degrees of emotional vibrations. Whatever vibrations, positive or negative, that are sent out by an individual will come back to them ten-fold. Ten-fold means all the different people that you come into contact with throughout your day will send back the same positive or negative vibrations that you had sent them.

Once you have changed your environment to the best that you can and started working on yourself on a day to day basis, it will be time to start another project: Forgiving yourself for the negative things you have done in the past as well as forgiving everyone from the past who trespassed against you or had done you wrong in one way or another. Through forgiving yourself and others will help your mental and spiritual self in achieving peace and harmony in your life. Just because you forgive a person does not mean that you have to be friends or even speak to them.

People cannot move ahead until they have forgiven themselves and everyone else. -- By doing this it puts the negative past behind you and you will not carry the hate of the past in to the future. By doing this it will make it easier for you to really start learning and practicing the secrets of self improvement which is changing all of your negative habits and thoughts to positive habits and thoughts. You will be removing the negative bars of thought that holds everyone back from achieving their goals in life.

You cannot harp or worry continuously over the bills or any other negative subject at hand. Go ahead and...

(1) Think about the problem
(2) Make plans on how to solve the problem
(3) Stop thinking about it - until it is time to deal with it.

Worrying continuously just brings negative vibrations back to you from your actions throughout the day from other people that you are around. Itís called sending out bad vibes. Bad vibrations can create gray hair, wrinkles, ulcers, high blood pressure, mood swings, etc., etc., etc. So you must do the three steps above and donít worry, be happy! I have learned through writing my first book and the documentaries that I have studied. Our lives are really about self improvement in every aspect; mentally, physically, spiritually, social and even financial. In order to do this, we must change ourselves first and be happy with the change(s) and the environment around us to be able to help the people around us.

Self Improvement

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By: David Dawn

We are here to help you deal with your personal problems by showing you different ways to handle the many different situations that you will be dealing with in your every day routine. In Family perspectives, we can help in mentoring on family values like respect, showing kids why education is very important, disciplining, and understanding one another in the relationship of teenagers with their parents. We can show the parent(s) how the needs of kids change with age and thus the parent(s) needs to change their techniques in discipline and responsibilities for the child and parent(s).

We encourage a healthy lifestyle in every way of life. The more a family or individual is well-rounded in the many different aspects of life the better chance a person has to be successful in life. A healthy lifestyle mentally, physically, spiritually and financially is in the makings of every well-rounded family or individual. We need to harness our inner and outer energy that is available to all of us every day to create a positive and motivational environment for ourselves, family and community.

We will elaborate much more on this subject at a later time. If you have any questions, concerns, or problems and need some advice please e-mail me. Send any question you might have about any problem that may be stopping you from living a positive life to our e-mail and we will respond with in 48 hours.

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