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Written for teenagers coming into Adulthood

Self-Improvement by realizing and becoming into alignment of your emotions. Select a topic from the list on this page.

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Positive thinking and motivational opportunities through well-being...To access the topic, please click on the word "View Topic" which follows each title...
  • Changing Your Negative Cycles

    A lot of mentally conquered people find themselves not motivated to succeed in life, due to various reasons includin g self-negativity and loss of self-confidence
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  • Cycle of Emotions

    You must bring yourself into alignment or in harmony with the universal laws of attraction or balance your emotions to live a well rounded life which will bring nothing but goodness in to your life.
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  • Diamond in the Rough

    A person can make changes and improve the quality of their individually with each new day that comes in to their life. The only thing stopping the adult are negative thoughts.
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  • Educating and Inspiring Black Men for Self-Improvement

    I put this lecture together in hope it would help enlighten the people who will listen and learn something new about our past. This will give you the inspiration to change the way you look at our society, religion and organizations and to plan ahead for yourself and your children. A lot of the information provided is not common knowledge to the black race.
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  • Educating and Inspiring Young Adults for Self-Improvement

    This lecture is geared in helping the young adults to become focus mentally on the important aspect of life, which is to get them self-ready to be adults living on their own and be a productive citizen.
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  • How to Improve your Study Habits

    If the way you study at home is not working, then you need to change your study habits. The first step is realizing that you know that you need to change the way that you study to achieve your educational goals.
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  • Lessons for Being Accepted in Employment, College, and Society

    Here are some ways to represent yourself which society expects to see out of you in order to be accepted in the different social environments that you will encounter in your daily life and at the different ages in your life. These rules will help a youth become successful.
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  • Lifecycles of Runaways

    One of these aspects is to get them ready to be rational and responsible adults living on their own and be productive citizens. Most teenagers who run away from home come to find out that they have made a mistake.
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  • Motivation

    we must change ourselves first and be happy with the changes and the environment around us to be able to help the people around us.
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  • Negus

    Before, the rulers of Ethiopia were called Negus. This meant King of Kings and Empires. Then the conquering colonist whites came along and changed Negus to Nigger to reverse the meaning and suppress the black race subconsciously. That is why the Nigger has the same basic attitude for greed like the conquerors of the world today.
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  • Teenagers Coming into Adulthood

    This lecture is geared for helping the young to become focused on the important aspect of life: get ready to be adults living on their own and be a productive citizen to get a good job to raise a family. This information covers the hardships of supporting yourself and issues you must endure. The young people must realize that if they do as they are told by their parents and other adults, they will go much farther in life compared to choosing the way of being rebellious and self centered.
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